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North Dorset Trailway

There are a few different walking /cycling routes from here to the trailway. 

Bewarned the bridleways around here are sometimes over grown so in the summer you may find the woods and road ways are best.




       A bit of woodland,road then the rest grass track.

A route with a view...

  1. On reaching the road, enter the woods and take the path that runs parallel to the road, follow this until you reach a junction.

  2. For a shorter route (2miles) carry on the same direction even after you've crossed the carpark. Where the woods end you'll see an exit on to the road, follow the road left until you reach the top of the hill and skip to number 7.                                    For the slightly longer completely off road route(2.4 miles), follow the middle path at a number 10/11 on a clock direction until you reach a gravel path,

  3. At the gravel path, continue in the same direction until you reach some trees infront of you.

  4. At the trees ,enter them and take the path on the left until the end,

  5. Here take the right turning out of the woods and continue until you reach a corner,

  6. Sometimes this style is over grown so I'm going to give you another route .... the aim is to follow the grass path on your right heading at a 3 on your clock, you need to enter the field and take the path on the left of the hedge heading back towards the road. follow until you reach the road,

  7. From the road, you will see a bridleway sign at the end of the trees on the other side of the road (if you've come from the field ,this will be on your right). follow the path between the trees and the field until you hit a dead end with a house on your right,

  8. Follow the path between the  hedges to the bottom, where you'll end up on a road, follow this until you reach a main road.

  9. Cross the main road and you'll see the White Horse on your left. The trailway is down the small road infront of you. At the cross roads head left to Blandford/ Spetisbury and straight on to Shillingstone/Sturminster Newton .


The road way

(best for bikes or in summer when things are overgrown ).

This is simple, on reaching the road turn right and follow for just under 2 miles to the bottom.

At the bottom of the road there is  a short stint along the main road right, look out for a large metal gate on your left with a bridleway gate .this will take you to the trailway. 

or.... I'm going to be honest here, I don't know what this means so I will let you the main road there is a pathway between trees just before you turn. It starts with a notice  saying it is not a public footpath and to enter at your own risk. This path runs parallel to the road . I will leave that with you to decide what the sign means and if you should enter or not to avoid the main road .

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