North Dorset Trailway

There are 3 different walking /cycling routes from here to the trailway.Please clack on the buttons below to view the maps.

Bewarned all 4 are up hill home.

All off road ,a bit woody,a bit gravelly and lots of fun!   

1.8miles, meet the trailway between Stourpaine and  Blandford.

 I'd take the kids this way           

A mile of road,rest grass track.

Drops into Stourpaine opposite the pub . 2miles.




Avoiding the woods if muddy.

 Mile of road then off road but its only a footpath,no bikes.

Meets the trailway between Stourpaine and Blandford.Just over 2 miles Id say.

The road way.

Personally I wouldnt advise this. Nice quiet road until you reach Stourpaine then youre on  main road . 2 miles