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The Milldown Nature Reserve is a beautiful area of natural grassland with a circular mile long  ish tarmac path running around the outside making it the perfect place for a short sociable dog walk .

It is also the perfect place for children  to have a run around as the Milldown also has  a play park and picnic benches. 

The Milldown is only a 5 min car journey down away  and is only a short walk from the centre of Blandford.

There are two car parks to choose from...... using what3words ///headlight.prayers.recitals  ,car park number one is the closest and has no time limit, but please be aware it only has room for 3 or 4 cars .

The larger carpark with a 2hr limit  is at ///installs.undercuts.frame

To cycle or walk to the Milldown from the farm ,please visit our trailway page and head towards Blandford.


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