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please note all our EHUs are already taken for  GDSF week  2022. We do have a few non  electri  pitches still available for £15 a night

Please note that our EHUs are already fully booked for 2022 .

If you have already booked and have a booking code please remember to call,text or email with the dates you require by 1st April 2022 . A small non refundable deposit will be required for non electric pitches and non refundable full 5 day payment will be required for electric pitches due to the amount of people not turning up last year.

Please see our pricelist for more info.

Useful info for your stay................​




Oakwood ~01258 455555,

Riverside ~ 01258 453553,

Sunrise ~ 01258 268528,

Blandford Taxis ~01258 410021,


BY CAR...... On reaching the road, turn left, at the main road, turn right towards Blandford,

at the round about, turn left and the same at the next round about.

Follow this road for about a mile and half  until you reach the Steam Fair on you right.

BY FOOT  2.6 miles..... On reaching the road, turn left and got straight over the staggered cross roads,

after the long straight patch,carry on in the same direction on entering a field on the first sharp corner,

at the bottom,go through the gate and take the path through the church yard on your left. 

Exit the church yard and follow the road left,

Take the first lane on your right,up a tiny road, keep going straight on at the junction ,up the track and along the grass lane,

at the top where the path ends,turn right and you will reach the Steam Fair opposite you .






BY BIKE .......On reaching the road,turn left up the hill and go straight over the staggered crossroads,

keep going down the hill where you will meet a sharp bend and houses. 

Take the second road/lane on your left (the first is a small cul de sac) , keep going straight up the hill,to the very top until you meet a grass mound (this is up a road,up a track and along a grass track),here turn right and you will see the Steam Fair infront of you.

On your jorney back I would personally take the walking route,pushing your bike up through the church yard and field 

GDSF 2022

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